Step 1 - We Market YOUR Business

Online Yellow Pages
When your prospect goes online to find help, we'll put your company in front of them. Top placement on yellow page websites such as,, and more.
Local Sites/Portals
From sites specific for cities/states/regions - to local news and TV websites - all the way down to homeowner association forums. When your prospect uses these sites to find help, they'll see your company.
Cell Phone Apps
We all know how addicted to cell phones our world has become. Use this to your advantage!!! Our marketing program will put you front and center on various cell phone applications used to find local businesses.
NEW! Social Media Introductions
Using our newly developed technology, we'll introduce your company to prospects... in your area... who are discussing water/foundation problems in their home. From Twitter to facebook to instagram, this exclusive technology introduces your company as a solution to their problem, right when they're talking about it.

Step 2 - the prospect calls, we pre-screen them

The unique twist in the Performance Yellow marketing program starts here.

When the prospects makes the call, it is first answered by our call center agents.

Our agents pre-screen the prospect on three vital points: A) Is the property in a zip code you cover? B) Do the problem signs match up to the category of work you perform? C) Is the prospect looking to schedule an appointment for an estimate?

Any leads that do not meet these requirements are screened out, without cost to you.

Step 3 - prospect is transferred to you to schedule

Our agent will call your office, inform you that we have a new lead on the line, give you the details we've gathered, and connect the prospect through so you can schedule their estimate.

This eliminates the leads you pay for and never talk to (trade show leads, website submissions, leads from those "other" lead generation companies)

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Our unique 3-step marketing program brings pre-screened, exclusive prospects to you by phone.

If you're in the basement waterproofing or foundation repair industry, this program is a perfect fit for your business.
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Wouldn't it be nice if the marketing company took the risks, instead of you? Wouldn't it be nice if they were paid on performance, and not upfront?

Everybody's got a story... and so do we. Here's 8 reasons our story makes sense for your business.
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Hearing is believing. These are the leads waterproofing/foundation repair contractors want.

Listen to live examples of the leads we generate. Determine for yourself if these leads are a good match for your business.
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